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a student run comic start-up with three new comics created by three up and coming creators three times a week. explore our stories below!
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BONK is a world of carefully curated chaos. With a creator focused model that aims to publish fresh issues weekly, BONK is the next evolution of the comic industry. It’s time for old fashioned newspaper comic panels to level up. Be transported to another world to meet a band of colorful characters. Support emerging artists in the cartoon industry, and feel like a kid again. 



The goal of BONK is to make high-quality, creator-focused comics that are accessible to all people. However, in order to keep this engine running, we need fuel. BONK relies on the generosity of our readers and collaborators.

The best way for YOU to support US and join us in our journey is by joining our Patreon.
Starting at just $1/mo you can become a part of the 
BONK community and gain access to exclusive benefits including a community discord, high-quality PNGs, early access to new issues, and educational resources!

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Finally ready to share that idea you’ve been sitting on with the world? Join the BONK team! What to publish your own story? We'll work with you through the entire process! Want to work behind the scenes and help write, illustrate, produce, market, or publish? We’ll make sure you’re paired up with the perfect position to make sure it matches your skills and goals. Whatever you’re into, BONK has a place for you! 

We can't wait to hear from you!

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